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A selection from Martone Cycling Company's range for the ladies.

We talked to luxury lifestyle entrepreneur Lorenzo Martone about his new venture that is sure to put a peddle under your feet!

Lorenzo’s love affair with bikes began in 1985, when after a year of writing letters to Santa, he finally got his first bike for Christmas. He named it ‘Fina’ and his new best friend even had a special room in his parents’ house for ‘rest’. 28 years later the head of the successful Martone Agency launched Martone Cycling Company, a fashion and design driven label – the perfect accessory for the new urban lifestyle.

Design Carrot (DC): What inspired you to start the bicycle company?

Lorenzo Martone (LM): When I moved into my new West Village apartment in NYC last April, I had my old bike parked next to my mid century furniture  – all in the living room and it didn’t work. The bike I wanted in my living room had to be about design; it had to look more sculptural. So it really started as a personal exploration. It was when I saw the first prototypes of my idea that I then decided to make into a real bike brand and create a product that could be commercialized globally.


“Thanks to new technologies, bikes are almost invisible today. But I don’t want to be invisible. I want to be noticed for my taste, so I went in a completely opposite direction: our bikes are bold, colorful and a true extension of personal style.”

 DC: How does a bike fit into your lifestyle?

LM:  Earlier in Paris where I went to school and now in NYC, I bike everywhere –  to work, to the park, meet friends, even to dinner parties. As a symbol of independence its truly magical. For me it gives me that the moment you connect with the streets, with the city you live in. Its nostalgic, romantic, and at the same time you do good to the environment and to yourself – nothing like using the time to go from A to B – burning calories at the same time.


The Men’s range of bikes at Martone Cycling Company.

DC: How involved are you in the design process?

LM: Martone Cycling bikes are a reflection of my personal taste: our designs are the result of needs of a city person like me. They come in all my favorite colors, they have 2 gears, they are light and they all come with a basket – just because I ‘m always carrying something, a laptop, a gym bag, shopping bags and sometimes even my dog, Mia, travels in the basket.

Lorenzo played with the proportions and styling to kick-start a new generation of bicycles.

Lorenzo played with the proportions and styling to kick-start a new generation of bicycles.

 “The red chain runs through the entire range of bikes. It is a nod and a wink to the fashion industry!”

DC: What is your vision for the Martone Cycling Company?

LM: I want people to feel for the company as a lifestyle and fashion brand, so we are working on a range of accessories but not limiting them to being bike related – helmets, lights, fenders as well as bike-inspired bracelets, necklaces and key rings.. I think it will be fun. We are also working on a new electronic bike which we plan to launch in 2014!

Follow Lorenzo on twitter. Keep abreast with the latest at the Martone Cycling Company here.


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